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The Compressed Natural Gas CNG Price Today is determine by Indian government. & Cng companies. Price of domestic Cng is affected by the global price of natural gas. More than 50% of the natural gases which is consumed in India are imported globally. So the the rise & fall in the global mark affect the Cng Price Today in a city near you.

We provide daily Cng Price updated in our website from the various source available on the internet. Below are the latest Cng rate for Today.

Cng Price Today July 18, 2024

Check below given rates in popular city.

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As people are becoming more aware about environment they are adopting Cng. As the awareness increasing with the the use of CNG enables vehicle is growing rapidly.

We all should adapt to the Cng vehicle & save our earth for the coming generations.

Cng Price Today Company Wise

Cng CompanyCng Rate Today
Indraprastha Gas73.59/Kg
Gujarat Gas Limited72.26/Kg
Adani Gas73.03/Kg
Mahanagar Gas79.00/Kg

What is CNG Price Today in my city?

As there are various company providing CNG the price may vary. Due to increasing demand the price are increasing month on month basic. The fuel efficiency has increased. You can get all the details about the cng rate in a city near you.

We are dedicated to prove you the latest & updated price from the various source & focus about CNG price in India. You just bookmark our website for daily Cng rate in India. Check below price state wise.

TelanganaAndhra PradeshKerala
Tamil NaduJammu & KashmirWest Bengal
DelhiHimachal PradeshIndia

What is CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas. It’s composed of methane which is compress to low volume & occupies standard atmospheric pressure. Cng is replacing as alternate fuel for traditional petrol vehicle. In the early stage the cost of CNG enable engine for vehicle was high.

As the acceptance for the Cng enables vehicles has increased so the volume of engine increasing & the cost of engine has came down. Now more & more vehicle manufacture are depending upon the Cng.

Benefits of CNG Vehicle

  • Cng enabled vehicles has less maintenance as compared to hydrocarbon fuel powered vehicles.
  • Cng fuel is safest fuel, as its stored in high gauge seamless cylinders so there are less chance of leakage.
  • Lost Maintenace cost of Cng enabled vehicles.
  • Cng doesn’t dilute & contaminate the crankcase oil in result life of lubricating oils increases.

USP of Compressed Natural Gas

You must know the unique features of CNG so you may benefit from it. Don’t only compare the price check the below given features;

  • Cng is a Natural Gas
  • As per it’s nature it’s stored in high pressure & ambient temperature
  • Low cost of production

Cng Monthly & Daily Price History

History of Cng rate in India

The price of Cng has increased by 62% as compare to 2013. It’s increased yearly basic as the demand of cng enabled vehicles has increased. The price for cng was Rs.49.40/Kg in February 2021 which increases to 51.98/Kg in July 2021. Again the price was increased in November 2021 at 57.54/Kg later on increased to 61.50/Kg in December 2021.

Today Cng Rate79.00/Kg
December 202276.00/Kg
July 202270.00/Kg
April 202267.00/Kg
March 202266.00/Kg
Feb 202263.00/Kg
January 202266.00/Kg
December 202161.50/Kg
November 202157.54/Kg
July 202151.98/Kg
February 202149.40/Kg

Compressed Nature Gas (CNG) prices are decided by Indian government in India as per the global natural gas rates. So the price are often fluctuated as per the global demand & supply of nature gases.

For large companies to small scale enterprises it’s a key factory for the people who are in transportation business. From a common man to large business house or the CNG distribution companies everyone is effected by the price changes.